Dovo Shavette, Olivewood Handle

Dovo Shavette, Olivewood Handle


The DOVO Shavette is a straight razor with interchangeable blades. It can be used just like a classic straight razor. The possibility to change the...

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Dovo is an old school barber’s dream: a brand of straight razor (among many other fine products) with a long-standing reputation of excellence and whose products add an air of refinement to any barbershop.

As with many other products from Germany’s famed Solingen region, Dovo’s blades are an indicator that your shop is run by devoted barbers who are serious about their trade and want to give their customers the best possible wet shaving experience.

What makes Dovo so unique is that when the straight razor industry started turning towards electric shavers to remain in step with market changes, Dovo instead branched out into men’s manicure products.

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Dovo as a retail item for your customers: While Dovo’s products make quite an impression with barbershop guests, selling your guests those items on a take-home basis might not be your forte. That’s why we invite you to request a complimentary training from our sales pros.

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