Bluebeards Original

Since 2005, we've specialized in beard wash, beard conditioner, and beard lotion to help you maintain your facial hair and the skin it grows on.

For over a decade, Bluebeards Original has rolled out impressive product choices for men’s grooming including beard wash, beard lotions and conditioners to provide optimum facial hair and skin care.

Not only are Bluebeards Original products designed for style, the formulations also have common cures in mind such as relieving beard itch, tame wilder facial hair types and improve the health of follicles.

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About : our company was established with a singular focus on helping barbershops and salons thrive by serving them with our five pillars:

  • All the barber supplies you need in one place
  • The lowest price promise
  • A premiere loyalty program
  • Talk your way (you choose your preferred means of communication)

Please note - only sells to professionals on a wholesale basis.