CAMPBELL'S  Scalp Brush Natural

CAMPBELL'S Scalp Brush Natural


he Campbell's  Shampoo Brush and Scalp Invigorator features flexible vinyl bristles that gently massage and invigorate the scalp. Add shampoo to wo...

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Campbells Towel Blue

Campbells Towel Blue


Description:Introducing Campbell's Towel Blue, the go-to choice for barbers everywhere! Measuring 16" x 29", this towel is crafted from 100% premiu...

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For several decades now, men have come accustomed to visiting some barbershops and, while seated in the barber’s chair, will watch as their barber walks over to a two-tone machine the size of a microwave and draw their shaving cream from there...and that is the memory of the classic Campbells Lather King Machine.

As today’s barbershops become increasingly busier, there is even more of place for Campbell’s lathering machines as well as the accompanying products (shaving cream and machine cleaning liquid).

Barbers who are stocking up on Campbells products very frequently add the following products to their orders: Dukai Neck Strips, Dapper Dan Matt Clay, Menaji Defining Gel, Merkur Double Edge Razors, Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic, Betty Dain Aprons and British Barbers Association Moulding Cream.

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