Speed O Guide

Having recently celebrated its 75th anniversary, Speed-O-Guide is one of the few companies serving the needs of barbers today to have stayed in business as long as it has. The secret of the company’s success isn’t really much of a secret: they always worked extra hard to stay ahead of the curve.

Serious barbers have been turning to the Speed-O-Guide for its ability to help them deliver high-quality cuts as rapidly as possible with ice-cold precision, helping their barbershops become more efficient.

Barbers who swear by the Speed-O-Guide also add the following related items to their orders: Elvado Classic Fragrance Free Aftershave Balm, British Barbers Association Texturising Clay, Merkur Detailing Razor Blades, Dapper Dan Barber Aprons, Sanek Neck Strips and Barbicide.

Speed-O-Guides are a barber’s dream and make a great impression on guests with the precision they provide, however, more and more barbers are also offering them for sale as retail items in their shops for men who need to apply DIY touch-ups.

Would you like to learn the strategies these barbers use to sell Speed-O-Guide from their barbershops? Our dedicated team of sales consultants is there to provide complimentary training on how to do it with success. Just ask us.

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