Dovo "Inox" Straight Razor, Olive Wood Handle, 5/8"

by Dovo
SKU DV-415875

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Dovo Inox Olivewood Razor: The Dovo INOX Olive Wood straight razor is a variant of their bread-and-butter stainless-steel razor.  This model’s essentially unchanged in 40+ years. It is well balanced, easily honed/handled, and has durable shaving edge character.  

This Dovo "Inox" 5/8 Hollow ground Straight Razor with genuine olive wood handle is made with Dovo's top grade surgical stainless steel This high end DOVO razor achieves the highest degree of hardness and resistance to wear. Although stainless steel straight razors may not reach the sharpness of the carbon steel straight razors, they have their own advantages. So basically, the edge will last longer than a Carbon Steel blade and will not rust as easily. They are hassle free without the rust problem. They can keep their sharpness longer. And unless you do not keep them in a very humid places, there is no need to oil them.

This Dovo Inox Razor makes an amazing addition to your rotation. 5/8 is the perfect shaver for hard-to-reach areas and it is easy to shave with. This Blade and scales together make for a heavier razor so keep this in mind. All these advantages make Dovo inox straight razors great for beginners. 


Key Features:

  • Hand-ground in Solingen
  • Full hollow-ground
  • Stainless Steel
  • 5/8" blade Comfortably sits in hand for a smooth shave 



  • Size: 5/8”
  • Blade: Stainless steel
  • Point: Round
  • Handle: Olive Wood


 A remarkable product imported from Solingen, Germany.