Dovo "Bergischer Lowe" Straight Razor, Buffalo Horn Handle, 5/8"

by Dovo
SKU DV-3580

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The DOVO razor 3 in 5/8 inches is nicknamed "Bergischer Löwe" and with its Spanish head, the finely worked blade decorated with gold and the elegant handle scales are among the best of the best. As a homage to our home region and its history, the lion as a heraldic animal adorns each of the hand-made razors. The underside of the cash is ribbed for maximum grip.

Key Features:

  • Meticulous straight razor from Dovo.
  • Material: Carbon steel decorated with 24-carat gold.
  • Grind: Fully hollow.
  • Scale: Buffalo Horn.
  • Markings: Gold etching on the blade.
  • Size: 5/8”.
  • Blade: Swedish Carbon Steel.
  • Point: Spanish head.
  • Handle:  Africa cattle horn.
  • Decorative engravings from the spine to the shank.
  • The spine, tang, and shank are all gold-plated.
  • Spanish point to use when precision and detail is paramount.


Horn Scales are always different and no two look alike, and since they are a natural material, they can warp slightly depending on the moisture where you live. Horn scales are without question the most beautiful of the scales. We just want to warn you that they are always different and can look different from the example in the photo. But I can promise you they are high-quality hand-picked horns from Dovo.

Manufactured and imported from Solingen, Germany.