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SKU: Wahl-56378

Introducing the Wahl 5 STAR BARBER ESSENTIALS SCHOOL KIT, a legendary collection that combines cutting-edge technology with precision engineering to meet the demands of barbers and stylists. This comprehensive kit includes the powerful 5 Star Legend Clipper and the versatile 5 Star Hero Trimmer, along with essential accessories to elevate your grooming experience.

Key Features

5 Star Legend Clipper:

  • Corded clipper equipped with a NEW V9000 motor, providing 50% more power than regular electromagnetic clippers.
  • Features "crunch" blade technology for a smooth and clean cut.
  • High-precision carbon steel blade ensures high-performance clipping.
  • Longer teeth on the bottom blade, combined with the enhanced taper lever, allow for efficient and easier cutting.
  • Adjustable lever varies the taper and texture of the cut without changing the blade.
  • Can cut wet or dry hair, making it a versatile tool for various styling needs.

5 Star Hero Trimmer:

  • Precision tool with a high precision ground carbon steel "T" shaped blade for close cutting, finishing, and design work.
  • Blades can be adjusted to "zero-overlap" with the Pro-Set Tool included for enhanced precision.
  • Corded operation with a rotary motor for consistent power.
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use, featuring a brushed aluminum finish.
Kit Includes
  • 5 Star Legend Clipper
  • 8 Clipper guides (#A½, 1, 1A½, 2-4, 6 & 8)
  • 5 Star Hero Trimmer
  • 3 Trimmer T-shaped guides (#A½, 1A½ & 1)
  • 2 Blade Guards
  • Clipper Oil (4 ml)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Large Clipper Comb
  • Thermal Storage Bag

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