StyleCraft Protege Black Clipper

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StyleCraft Protege Black Clipper: Empowering Your Grooming Experience

Unleash the potential of your grooming routine with the StyleCraft Protege Black Clipper. Engineered with precision and power, this clipper boasts a supercharged rotary motor, customizable controls, and a range of features designed to elevate your haircutting experience.

Key Features:

  • Supercharged Rotary Motor: The Protege Clipper is equipped with a supercharged rotary motor running at 6,000 rpms, ensuring robust and efficient performance.

  • Long Cordless Run-Time: The lithium-ion battery provides an impressive 4 hours of cordless run-time, ensuring you have ample time for detailed haircuts.

  • Japanese High-Quality Blades: Featuring Japanese high-quality Stainless-Steel taper blades and a shallow tooth cutter, the clipper offers a durable and sharp cutting edge.

  • Adjustable Zero Gap: Achieve precise fades and blending with the adjustable zero gap blade, allowing for customized cutting lengths.

  • Low Noise and Vibration: Experience comfort and stability during use with low noise and vibration levels. The clipper also includes a secure hanging hook for easy storage.

  • Customizable Taper Control: Choose between click lever or freestyle taper control with 5 detent positions, offering flexibility in your cutting style.

  • Universal Micro-USB Rechargeable: Enjoy the convenience of universal micro-USB recharging, allowing you to charge your clipper worldwide with ease.

Kit Includes:

  • Clipper
  • Stainless-Steel taper blade
  • Stainless-Steel shallow cutter
  • 5 magnetic guards (1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2")
  • Micro-USB charging cord
  • Cleaning/maintenance kit
  • Modular Custom Body Kits(Sold Separately)

Elevate your grooming standards with the StyleCraft Protege Black Clipper, where power, precision, and customization converge for exceptional haircutting results.

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