Omega Bristle Mix (Boar Bristle & Badger) Shaving Brush, Resin Handle

by Omega
SKU OMG-11047

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Do you prefer sturdy but extra soft finish? This bristle mix brush will fulfil those wet shaving needs.  

Badger bristles are known for their gentle composition, while boar bristles are flexible enough to create the ideal lather. This combination creates a match made in heaven for a clean shave. 


  • Traditional shaving brush
  • Mix Boar bristle and Badger bristle knot.
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Comfortable to hold, generates a rich lather
  • Beautiful handle with a cream finish. 
  • The bristles lift hair off the face, allowing the razor to get much closer to the skin for an unbeatably smooth finish.
  • It helps to gently exfoliate your skin
  • Ideal for both hard and soft soaps
  • Ideal for those who prefer stiffer bristles with gentle composition.
  • Height-76mm, Loft-50mm, Knot-20mm

Omega brushes are handcrafted in Italy.