Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blade (100 Blades/Pack)

by Derby
SKU DRB-200026

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With the return and rise of cutthroat shavettes, so fondly used by barbers, double edged blades are increasingly only used to be split in half. These single edged razors are made specifically for such shaving utensils.

These cutting-edge razors contain chromium ceramic, tungsten, and platinum for extra strength and the longest possible shaving life from a single razor. 


  • Made of Swedish Steel
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Durable and sharp
  • Ideal for use by barbers 
  • Compatible with shavette-style straight razors
  • Individually packaged in moisture-resistance wax paper
  • Polymer coated blades create a comfortable and convenient shave. 
  • Perforated, hardened, and ground by utilizing the most advanced equipment
  • Premium, Long-lasting lifespan
  • 100 blades come in this package 
  • Made in Turkey