Dapper Dan Pomades: The A-Z Guide on Selling It In Your Shop

Dapper Dan Pomades: The A-Z Guide on Selling It In Your Shop

There are two types of barbershops that we deal with on a daily basis.

Barbershop #1 - sticks with the old-school formula of providing the standard cut, trim and shave… and that’s about it.

Barbershop #2 - Offers some of the same services as Barbershop #1, but also tops up their bank balance with product sales.

If you belong to barbershop #1 and don’t sell retail products yet, but you have been mulling it over, read this article through - the Dapper Dan line is one of the best lead-off products to offer your customers.

Should you already be selling retail products out of your shop, but don’t yet carry Dapper Dan, this guide will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to know about the product and how to present it to your customers.

Why Dapper Dan Should Be On Your Shelves

Whenever we go to trade shows, there’s one question we CONSTANTLY get from retailers for all of our product categories: “What is the best selling product for [enter product category]?”

When it comes to men’s hairstyling products, especially pomades, Dapper Dan is the brand we see retailers selling with minimal effort.


Because it’s one of those precious done-for-you brands. The company provides a great blend of eye-attracting package design and a very intriguing brand identity.

The backstory: Dapper Dan was hatched in the United Kingdom back in 2011; turns out many lads in Britain weren’t satisfied with what was available to them for their hairstyling needs and that’s when this pomade came to light.

For instance, the product line was developed by trade professionals over a period of several years, so their formulations were not rushed.

Your Handy Curation Guide

We’ve prepared a quick guide for you to help you know exactly how to curate each of Dapper Dan’s best selling items.

In this guide, we’re preparing you with the fragrance information, the purpose of the product, what hair types each SKU is best suited for as well as what other consumers have said each type.

Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade

Who this is for: Men looking for a bold, defined and slick look.

Fragrance: Citrus and Vanilla

What Users Are Saying About It:

“This Pomade is great, I am a Marine infantry man so I constantly have to wear covers and my kevlar, etc. No matter what I wear on my head I can reform with my hand or comb afterwards. The smell is fantastic, wouldn't be surprised if I get a wookie on this deployment because of this stuff. The shine is more than medium if the sun is beating on your head and you apply wet but is fine for applying on dry hair.


-smells great (fruity)

-easy to wash

-hold for all day

-easy to reform (some water too)

-a life changing step to becoming a Dapper Man!”

“I was not expecting this pomade to be as good as it is. I have been using Layrite original for a while and like it very much, but figured I would give this a shot too. I must say that I'm impressed. It holds better and longer than Layrite and smells very pleasant. I also like the old fashioned packaging. Layrite will be my day to day hair product. Dapper Dan will be for special occasions to look my absolute best. Highly recommended and worth every penny!”

“The consistency of this pomade makes it easy to apply and it holds very well all day with a small amount. The scent is pretty neutral to my nose. The thing that surprises me the most is that most of the time the next morning my hair is still styled with no noticeable residue on my pillow. Very impressed with this product.”

Dapper Dan Matt Clay Strong Hold

Who this is for: men looking for an intentionally messy style that will hold up for the duration of the day with a non-lustrous look. Despite its toughness, the clay washes out easily and without making a mess.

Fragrance: Smoked Saffron & Leather

What Users Are Saying About It:

“I don't care for most men's hair products because they have a glossy look. I don't like glossy. You can have shine without gloss. Dapper Dan's Matte Clay is excellent for those that want hold with a matte finish. The working time is just long enough to put my hair where I want it to be.”

“Absolutely loved this stuff! The smell is manly like lemon pepper and I'm buying more. My hair is moderately curly. And this applied correctly (took me about half the can to learn how to use it properly use it for my hair) makes my hair straight and straightened out and feels "wet" and malleable all day. For hair that is curly wet, evenly with a comb until everything is a little past damp, to where you might start forming drips of water, then apply several generous licks to your hair until evenly coated from base to tip of hair. “

“I love this stuff. Excellent hold and manly scent. I apply this stuff to my flattop and it makes it fairly stiff, and stays that way all day. I can almost literally balance a book on my hair alone with this product.”

Dapper Dan Matt Paste High Hold

Who this is for: Men looking to hit the streets with messy styles, partings, quiffs

Fragrance: Vintage cologne

What Users Are Saying About It:

“It's not just the product - it's the history and tradition. My great grandfather used Dapper Dan - I remember him blending some in right before he would leave for church to make sure he looked "snazzy". My grandpa used Dapper Dan and would keep some out in the barn in case he wanted to sneak off somewhere for a beer.”

“Perfect for a dry look that stays in place. I have blonde hair and prefer not to have a slick / wet / greasy look, and my barber recommended this. Goes in easy, holds well, and doesn't feel heavy - and washes right out. I get compliments on my style that doesn't look plastered into place!”

“I like the hold, I've found just a fingertip spread into damp hair works great. It allows some movement, and just running a wet comb through it lets it reset. After using gel daily years ago, I like this better, it's resettable and it doesn't leave a residue or go flat if it gets touched, plus my wife loves the smell!”

Dapper Dan Heavy Hold Pomade

Who this is for: This newest entry completes Dapper Dan's styling range, by offering an Oil Based product, which appeals more to the 'greaser' or rockabilly crowd

Fragrance: Liquorice & Vanilla


Provides you with a superior hold, but rinses out very easily.

You can take a look at all of Dapper Dan's products here (goes beyond just pomades).

Putting The Items Up On Display

No one knows how attention-grabbing Dapper Dan’s package design is better than the company that’s why they’ve put a lot of work into producing two retail displays.

The Rustic Display Tin:

This beautiful case is a great replica of retail product displays of the 30s.  Equipped with a foam mold to snugly carry 18 cans of pomade.

The Cardboard Display:

As you can see, the same vintage, old-time corner store design is featured here in the cardboard display, which was designed to accommodate Dapper Dan’s latest pomade, the Heavy Hold.

Ready to stock your shop's shelves with Dapper Dan products? Go here to open an account.

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