Hot towels are a big deal in Japan - in fact hot towels-as-a-service has a name of it's own: Oshibori. From restaurants and pubs to hotels, gyms, hotels and airlines, offering hot towels to your customers is considered a custom and Taiji has been powering that custom for several decades.

Serving so many industries over several years means that Taiji has had the ability to develop towel warming machines that deliver hot towels at the perfect level of heat and moisture, which great for barbershops whose clientele have varying tastes in heat.

What have barbers who’ve order Taiji products also added to their orders? Here are the most frequently added items: Campbells Lather Machine Cleaner, Campbells Liquid Lather Shave Cream, Sanek Neck Strips, British Barbers Association Face Moisturiser, Betty Dain Barber Capes and Captain Fawcett's Expedition Reserve Post Shave Balm.

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