The United Kingdom is rich with long-serving brands in the men’s grooming space and Rooney is no exception to that heritage, producing some of the highest-quality shaving brushes on the market for several decades.

Crafted only with the best badger hair, Rooney shaving brushes have a well-earned reputation for being long-lasting items that produce a great lather and are very easy to maintain.

When barbers come to for Ronney shaving brushes, these are the popular items most frequently added to their orders: Sanek Neck Strips, Master Well Comb Bay Rum After Shave, Scalpmaster Clipper Cleaning Brush, Fine Accoutrements Lavender Pour Homme Shaving Soap and Captain Fawcett's Ricki Hall's Booze & Baccy Beard Oil.

Many savvy barbers have taken notice that Rooney Shaving Brushes really impress their customers and have taken to selling them as take-home items on a retail basis and you can do the same.

Not sure how to present Rooney shaving brushes as a retail item in your barbershop? Our sales team is ready to help train you in the best ways to market these items (and others) - all you have to do is ask.

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Please note - only sells to professionals on a wholesale basis.