Gamma Più is a leading manufacturer of professional hairdryers with over 30 years of product innovation under their belts. For much of their time in the industry, they catered to the needs of salons, but that is beginning to change very quickly now.

Gamma Piu’s lead off product with is their venerable Barber Phon blowdryer -- a hairdryer exclusively for the needs of barbers, complete with custom settings for beard sculpting.

Barbers who’ve fitted their shops with the Gamma Piu Barber Phon have also added the following popular items to their shopping carts: British Barbers Association Finishing Pomade, Jack Dean American Bay Rum Tonic, Dapper Dan Barber Aprons, Sanek Neck Strips, Dovo Shavette Blades and Bluebeards Original Beard Wash.

The Gamma Piu Barber Phon is bound to wow your guests with its amazing features, but it is not just meant as a barbershop tool. Some savvy barbers are seeing how their customers would love this item so they can groom themselves at home.

Not entirely sure how to get started with selling the Gamma Piu Barber Phon to your customers on a retail basis? Our sales professionals are ready to offer a complimentary training upon request.

About our company was established with a singular focus on helping barbershops and salons thrive by serving them with our five pillars:

  • All the barber supplies you need in one place
  • The lowest price promise
  • A premiere loyalty program
  • Talk your way (you choose your preferred means of communication)
Please note - only sells to professionals on a wholesale basis.