This venerated brand got its start in the hairstyling industry in the apex period of classic barbershops in New York City - the 1940s. And who would’ve known that this brand that we’ve come to expect at the work station of most barbers was created by a science teacher.

As a man with a deep understanding of germs and how they are spread, Maurice King was concerned making sure that one of the most common points of contact where germs could be spread was made as sterile as possible.

Since inventing Barbicide, Maurice has completely redefined the way sanitation is considered in the hairstyling industry.

No barbershop is complete without a trusted anti-septic brand, but many barbers also feel like their orders aren’t complete if they haven’t added some of these most commonly paired items: Dovo Solingen straight razors, Via Barberia Aquae Shaving Cream, Floid Aftershave Balm, British Barbers Association Moulding Cream and Captain Fawcetts Beard Oil.

Despite its name and image, barbicide is actually proving to be a good seller for home use what with the emerging popularity of straight razors.

We know that selling Barbicide as a retail item in your barbershop might look challenging, but that’s why we’re happy to offer you a complimentary consultation with our sales professionals who’ll teach you how to best position and present this legendary brand.

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