What happens when a disgruntled worker in a car factory has had enough and decides to launch his own business? What you get is Andis, one of the companies responsible for pioneering the modern hair clippers we’ve come to know and rely on today.

The company’s products were such a hit with barbers across the country that they grew out of their rented factory space in record time, moving to a facility measuring 16,000 square feet in size and, as s true measure of the company’s product line, Andis operates out of a 160K square foot facility.

Need to add any Andis hair clippers to your order? Here are the items most often coupled with the orders of other barbers: Feather Razor Blades, Crown Shaving Beard Wash, Colonel Conk Almond Glycerin Shave Soap, Myrsol Blue Aftershave, British Barbers Association Face Moisturizer and Dapper Dan Matt Clay.

While Andis makes for the perfect tool in your barbershop, many men love to keep a set of their own clippers at home for quick grooming, which is one of the reasons that barbers who order Andis units also order enough to sell as retail items.

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