Wahl 100 Year Clipper | Complete Off Scalp Package | Offer #2

by Wahl
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Wahl and BarberSupplies.com are thrilled to present the exclusive Wahl 100 Year Clipper | Complete Off Scalp Package | Offer #2 – an extraordinary deal celebrating the iconic Wahl 1919 - 100 Year Anniversary Clipper. This comprehensive package includes premium grooming tools tailored for a superior off-scalp cutting experience.

Offer Includes:

1. Wahl 100 Year Anniversary Clipper (Model # 56421)

  • Retail Value: $299 CDN
  • A vintage masterpiece featuring an all-metal housing, traditional taper blade, taper lever, and a bullet-style power switch.
  • Ideal for precise tapering and blending with a 21-degree bevel on the traditional taper blade.

2. Guide Caddy with 8 Black Guides #1-#8 (Model #53153)

  • Retail Value: $29.95 CDN
  • Keep your guides organized and easily accessible with the Guide Caddy, which includes 8 black guides ranging from #1 to #8.

3. #1½ (3/16", 4.5mm) White Guide Comb (Model #53111)

  • Retail Value: $2.95 CDN
  • Achieve precise lengths with the #1½ white guide comb, adding versatility to your off-scalp cutting techniques.

4. #½ (1/16", 1.5mm) Grey Guide Comb (Model #53112)

  • Retail Value: $2.95 CDN
  • Perfect for achieving shorter lengths, the #½ grey guide comb adds finesse to your off-scalp cuts.

Wahl 100 Year Anniversary Clipper Highlights:

  • Beautiful vintage aesthetics with an all-metal housing, taper lever, and bullet-style power switch.
  • Traditional taper blade with a 21-degree bevel, ideal for precise tapering and blending.
  • Powerful rotary motor with higher blade speed and stall torque for efficient cutting.
  • Cord/cordless clipper equipped with a high-quality lithium-ion battery, providing a 70-minute run time.

Elevate Your Off-Scalp Cutting Experience:

Experience the pinnacle of grooming excellence with the Wahl 100 Year Clipper | Complete Off Scalp Package. Unlock vintage-inspired aesthetics and cutting-edge performance, making every off-scalp cutting session an unmatched experience. Don't miss out on this exclusive offer – a celebration of Wahl's century of excellence!



Get The 100-Year Clipper For $179!

Get The 100-Year Clipper Complete Fade Package for $199!

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