Feather Plier Professional Razor, DIAMOND Series

by Feather
SKU FEA-743028

Feather® always creates professional grade hairstyling razors, straight razors and more. Their blades are always of the highest quality and very sharp. The Feather® Plier Razor is second to none in its sharpness and advanced technology.

It has an immaculate balance with high quality performance and feel. The black, non-slip grip makes it comfortable for a professional to use all day. This tool allows every possible cutting technique to be done accurately and proficiently without resistance, it is indeed for the "pure in heart".

It is recommended for EXPERT USE ONLY. It has a disposable blade so need for stropping, sharpening or honing; this keeps things sanitary. Each client can have a new blade. All Plier Blades are unique to this razor and do not have guards. Only the courageous dare to tread the path of Feather Plier Razor!