Dovo "Gentleman" Carbon Steel Straight Razor, Yew Wood Handle, 5/8"

by Dovo
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Dovo is one of the leading names in straight razors. Located in the famed Solingen region of Germany, Dovo is bringing you the best in “cut-throat” shaving. For over one hundred years, Dovo has been crafting exceptional tools. Their expert craftsmen meticulously finish each piece so you have a blade that will last a lifetime.

The DOVO Gentleman in 5/8 "is an artful homage to those who are still gentlemen today. Of course, it impresses above all with its special gentleman laser engraving on the blade. The yew wood handle is extremely hard and tough which makes it particularly resistant to moisture.


This straight razor is made of carbon steel with the material number 1.2210, better known as silver steel. In order to achieve a hardness of approximately 61 HRC, the material is heated to over 800 degrees celsius and then immediately quenched with a special oil. The subsequent tempering at about 200 degrees celsius gives the blade elasticity and toughness.

Key Features

  • Hand-ground in Solingen
  • Full hollow-ground
  • Swedish Carbon Steel
  • 5/8" blade Comfortably sits in hand for a smooth shave 


  • Size: 5/8”
  • Blade: Swedish Silver steel
  • Point: Round
  • Handle: Yew Wood


 A remarkable product imported from Solingen, Germany. 



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