Dapper Dan Retail Display Tin - Carries 18 Cans

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The Dapper Dan Retail Display Tin is made to garner attention and to generate sales at your designated barbershop. Renowned for their vintage aesthetic, the rustic tin emblazoned with the Dapper Dan illustration will have people feeling for their famous pomades. Colourful and nostalgic, it represents the product's deluxe properties. Infused with different scents of Vintage Cologne, Vanilla, and Citrus, they are refreshing upon application. 

Dapper Dan's inception came about in 2011 in Sheffield, England. Frustrated with the products on the market, they sought to create ones that gentlemen would be proud of. Stylish and easy to use, these pomades have become the brand's signature product. Inspired by vintage sophistication, their products merge modern needs with old time glamour. Simply the 1950s embedded in a tin. 

Made in the United Kingdom. 

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  • DD-MP01

    Dapper Dan Matt Paste - 100ml / 3.38 Oz Tin


  • DD-DP01

    Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade ( 100ml / 3.38oz Tin)


  • DD-MC01

    Dapper Dan Matt Clay - 100ml / 3.38 Oz Tin


  • DD-DT01

    Dapper Dan Retail Display Tin - Carries 18 Cans


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