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No other formal organization has put more work into preserving the traditions of the classic barber than the British Barbers Association. Despite the changes in attitudes, they’ve made sure that the old school tradition of barbering has remained alive and well.

Now the BBA has taken an even bolder step - by rolling out its own line of hair gels, pomades, shaving balms, aftershave lotions, moulding creams and more.

This distinguished product line was two years in the making with many tests run to perfect the formulas of each product as well as testing these new products with the public.

Those barbers who’ve seen fit to stock their barbershops with products from the British Barbers Association have also ordered the following items: Bluebeards Original Fresh Mint Beard Saver, Dapper Dan Matt Clay, Merkur Detailing Razor Blades, Omega Boar Bristle Shaving Brushes and Myrsol Emulsion Aftershave.

Products from the British Barbers Association have an obvious place in any barbershop, but they also have a good degree of appeal for home use. Not quite sure how you’d go about selling BBA items on a retail basis? Our sales team will be happy to give you a complimentary training on how to market and merchandise the line.

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